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Turntable Talks is a Marketing Agency & Public Relations Network specifically designated for artists & industry professionals cultivating their creative career in the music industry. We offer exclusive services & paid plans for members of our growing community of artists, industry professionals & music fans alike.


We feature press, live music streams, & online messaging boards including forums & groups presenting networking opportunities, professional advice & educational insight into the overall operations of the music industry. Our affiliated platforms provide our clients with a hub to utilize as a third party host while promoting their creative career.

About Turntable Talks 

At Turntable Talks, we hone our affiliated social media outlets for artists & industry professionals looking to establish a sustainable level of high-conversion social media activity & growth. We offer digital marketing, press & career development services for those in search of an alternative, cost-effective methods to achieve promotional services & networking opportunities. Our objective main objective is to contribute to our clients’ brand awareness & career development.


We offer exclusive services for members of our growing community of artists, industry professionals & concert attendees alike. As a member of The Scene with Turntable Talks, you are eligible to engage with other members via direct & group chat services upon approval of your membership request. Receive immediate notifications that will update you on our latest press promoting our featured artists & events. View, post & comment in our forums & groups featuring press promoting upcoming events, new music releases, advice & more.


All-Access Memberships are available for artists & industry professionals who are looking to achieve promotional services & network with others in this fast-paced, modern music industry. Promote your featured press, upcoming events, music & more in our featured forums & groups for our readers & other members to engage with. Networking opportunities include chat services, forums, educational columns & groups for those to connect with others actively pursuing a successful career in longevity.  


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Turntable Talks is a platform designed for artists & industry professionals to achieve promotional services.

Our affiliated media outlets act as a third party host for our clients to utilize as a resource to advertise their events, music & more. 

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Alexa Gerard/Founder of Turntable Talks


Turntable Talks is a business that looks at digital marketing like a playground of opportunities. We strive to work with a diverse set of clients so that we are always challenging our team, and improving our collective talent pool.


We have created and carried out promotional & artist development services, social media strategies, marketing campaigns and featured press for highly-recognized artists, promotion companies and concert venues, all who have which experienced exponential growth. We approach every client as a brand new project, developing our plans from scratch but informed by previous years of experience.