Benny Benassi

In 2001, Benassi dropped the track, “I Feel So Fine”. It did not take long before it landed the #1 slot on UK charts under the name KMC with vocalist Dhany. This was ground breaking for Benassi’s career, and it didn’t stop there.      Proceeding forward from Progressive House to Electro, Benny Benassi collaborated both genres to release “Satisfaction,” in 2002. The track went viral and it wasn’t long before Benny Benassi went international. He received recognition from influential DJ’s worldwide such as Carl Cox and Darren Emerson. The song reached #2 on the UK Top Singles Chart. Following the track’s success, the Ministry of Sound Record Label then restored the original music video.      In 2003, it was then Benny Benassi dropped his first solo debut album, Hypnotica. This brought in the highest sales for an Italian album outside Italy. He went on to win the European Border Breakers Award near the end of 2004.       With his career booming extensively throughout the years following, bringing forth recognition worldwide. Benny Benassi has acclaimed praise from highly respected artists, including Madonna, Chris Brown, Skrillex, and Pitbull. Benassi has gone on to receive a Grammy for his renowned Public ​Enemy remix, “Bring the Noise” in 2008. In the summer of 2008, Benny brought forth another solo album, “Rock ‘N’ Rave”. Benny has since then moved forward to accompany singer/songwriters Madonna and David Bowie. It is productions like these, including the notable hit, ‘Beautiful People’ featuring Chris Brown. This has exploited his career in such a positive direction. ​     “Electroman” was the fourth studio album Benassi moved onward to release under Ultra Records. Featuring a single with world renowned Hip Hop artist, T-Pain, and one of Benny’s most internationally rewarding tracks of his career, the Gary Go collaboration, “Cinema”.

 Benny Benassi has always had a variety of different styles of House and Electronic genres. His discrete style of dirty, Electro-house became known as ‘hypnotech’ eventually. DJing professionally for 15 years and producing for 10 years, Benny Benassi can take the tribute as the Godfather to the EDM culture. He has established a trendsetting rhythm that has surfaced through every country over the years. His talent initiated an innovative turn in the music scene and can take credit for how the Electronic Music culture has grown and expanded.

As if it wasn’t possible to become any more successful, Benny Benassi hosts his own radio show featured on the channel, Electric Area for ​Sirius XM. Any prosperous music festival worldwide, Benny Benassi has more than likely performed. Benny has headlined Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, TomorrowWorld, as well as Tomorrowland. Benny Benassi has had sets that go up to three hours before depending on the venue.   Inspired by Paul Oakenfold, Benny’s distinguished taste in music is always reflected throughout his own style of production. His passion for music enlightens fans worldwide. Respected all over the globe, his contagious gift for music has flourished. Besides inspiring well known artists in the electronic dance scene, Benny Benassi will forever remain an EDM idol to the culture for years to come.

   Artists like Madonna and John Legend have continued to pursue Benny Benassi’s talent that has given the Electronic Scene recognition around the world. With fans worldwide supporting Benny Benassi’s infectious talent, his career will forever bring forth appreciation and gratitude.​ Check out his most recent track, Shooting Helicopters. There’s talent flooding out of every beat.


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