Born and raised in LA this upbeat jersey club DJ has his own discrete rhythm that has accumulated fans worldwide. After numerous sets at local parties and countless social media projects, as for most producers, would take a few years to ever further their career, DJ Hoodboi’s talent didn’t take long before he was then recognized by other producers. It wouldn’t be long before he was releasing tracks with similar DJ’s like Mad Decent artists, Djemba Djemba, DJ Sliink, and Trippy Turtle. Hoodboi’s distinguished beats have surfaced and continue to shed a new light regarding the Electronic Music movement and how it’s evolving.

Hoodboi signed with A-Trak’s renowned label Fool’s Gold in June of 2014 after headlining A-Trak’s European Tour. From then on, Hoodboi’s career has expanded in more ways than one. Hoodboi has teamed up with Falcons, Kittens also known as Athletixx, having released their first collaboration together, All Stars Mixtape Vol. 1, back in August of 2014.

In such a short time, Hoodboi has put in an astounding amount of time and effort to get to where he is now. Since working with Chart topper’s like Diplo and A-Trak as well as founding Athletixx, he is now touring with Dillon Francis and Trippy Turtle on the Money Sucks, Friends Rule Tour. DJ Hoodboi’s melodic upbeat tempo will continue to submerge past your everyday electronic music, establishing a new, fresh sound that is making its way through the music culture.

A new EP from Hoodboi will be expected to be released on Fool’s Gold records early 2015. Until then, you can catch him with Dillon Francis and Trippy Turtle December 6th, at Skyway Theatre.

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