Catch Big Wild's Headlining Show at First Avenue, Next Wednesday!

Jackson Stell, widely known as Big Wild, has been bringing a new wave of influential music to the table. His style is expanding the horizon of subgenres within electronic dance music that are presently being produced and mixed today. In his debut album Superdream, Big Wild artistically expresses lyrical content that has a way of personally resonating with anyone. Big Wild blends a multitude of ambient like subgenres of EDM with synths, drums, and bass, establishing his own rhythmic styles of melodic, upbeat instrumentals. While representing an indie and alternative aesthetic, featured tracks off the album like “She Makes Magic” and “City of Sound” are composed of a combination of melodic EDM subgenres consisting of chillstep and electro pop.

The evolving musical elements and characteristics of Big Wild’s dreamlike debut album speaks volumes within these exhilarating backbeats beneath Stell's distinctive vocals and profound lyrical flow, identifying his own individual sound and style as an artist. The album not only features his apparent talent but accents his admirable, creative influence on the direction EDM continues to progress. Anyone who listens to Superdream is destined to be left speechless. 

Flashing back to 2015, Big Wild’s talent caught the eye and attention of Odesza, an EDM duo dawning from Seattle, who set out to put wind in Stell’s sails by inviting this star on tour with them. Since then, Big Wild has played countless shows across the country. Big Wild spent time on the road during his North American tour in 2016. The tour featured six headlining shows alongside dubstep OGs, Zeds Dead among other shows, performing with some of the top EDM producers in the game right now. With the support of artists like Tycho, Emancipator, and Pretty Lights, Big Wild ended the tour with quite the encore, performing at two major music festivals including Decadence and SnowGlobe Music Festival. As a singer, songwriter, producer, and lyricist, this jack of all trades has proved himself as the praised creator he is today, making massive waves across the media and streaming services, worldwide.

With over hundreds of subgenres of EDM today, classifying Big Wild's music under one genre of EDM is impossible to pinpoint. Big Wild has been busy bending boundaries within electronic dance music, paving the way for the up and coming artists of the future, all the while making it look easy. Over the years, Big Wild has stayed busy releasing numerous official remixes of tracks by iconically acclaimed artists including Bro Safari, CHVRCHES, Gallant, Griz, Talib Kweli, Odesza, and ZHU. After achieving the support from these artists, with pure talent in his blood, the release of his debut album, Superdream, is only the beginning for this breakout artist.

Big Wild is amongst the many DJs and producers dedicating their days and nights in the lab honing their craft to make that next chart worthy beat. Needless to say, his time has paid off, having birthed his own fresh rendition of electronic dance music. This isn’t the first time Big Wild has graced us with his musically inclined abilities. SIMshows, a major EDM event production company in the Twin Cities brought Big Wild to the Midwest back in 2017 at Summer Set Music Festival. Be sure not to miss out on the experience this time around and catch Big Wild's music live for yourself next Wednesday, March 20th at First Avenue.

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