FVCK BUDDIES are no strangers to the stages within the Twin Cities nightlife. With their heavy bumping, bass hitting beats and dirty dutch melodies, electro house lovers will not want to miss their set this weekend! Collectively known as FVCK BUDDIES, Teddy Vadnais, known otherwise as DJ Theo Vee, and Joe Parisi, also known as DJ Joey-P or Goey, together they have no issue providing the heat that fires up house parties and nightclubs around the metro. Since taking a six-year hiatus to focus on their solo projects, we are eagerly anticipating to see what FVCK BUDDIES has in store for us this Saturday at Birthday Aftermath!

What piqued your interest in LOCAL MOTIV3S when determining if you wanted to perform this gig?

Teddy: It’s Goey’s AKA Joey-P’s annual birthday set! Tyler McFly and he have teamed up for years, being they have the same birthday weekend and all.

Joey: Every year we make it bigger and badder, adding more and more promotion companies to the mix. This year I’m bringing along my secret weapon, Teddy Vadnais AKA Theo Vee, to tag together as we bring back the FVCK BUDDIES.

What personally drives you as a performing artist in our Minneapolis music scene?

Joey: I really never understood this question till now, Now that I have been djing and producing music forever and I would just say the local people, there is no better feeling than packing your own party and playing for your friends, Teddy and I sure know that feeling we meet WAY back in the day and deejayed all the afters for all our friends and the EDM scene and that is where we got known from.

While establishing your creative career in the music industry, what is one valuable lesson you’ve taken away that you can share for others aspiring a career in the industry?

JOEY: Treat it as your job and Don't half-ass it. Present yourself to promoters as if you're in an interview. treat yourself as a brand and don’t be sloppy. Have fun with it. Don't get a gig and pretend you're Tiesto. they come and go so keep doing what you're doing and stay humble. Give advice when needed and guide the young generation. we all do this because we love it!

What would you say our current nightlife scene is in need of most right now?

Joey: Trap horns on the east, Carl cox on the west. I really think our music scene in the nightlife is great, I hear about it when I travel to the midwest. I do think our scene needs to support those said smaller acts we bring in to the smaller sized venues more. then big cities would sell out. I really hope Minneapolis jumps on that bus.

Can you give us any insight into what we can expect from your performance at this event? Are there any tracks, artists, and/or genres/sub-genres of EDM you’re looking forward to mixing that you can share with us?

Joey: So Teddy and I love playing together due to our fast track selection, and genres so I wouldn't want to say but, I will say cause you won't want to miss this. For our first 30 minutes, we are going Dirty Dutch/electro, which is the genre of music that made us become a duo. then for our last 30 minutes, when we pull that crowd in and have them by the horns, Teddy is going DUB and I am trappy, expect to hear 70 plus tracks, new bootlegs, remix/cuts. That is why we are the FVCK BUDDIES!!!

Like last year, Aftermath's annual Birthday edition will be celebrating the birthdays of Minneapolis local musicians & industry professionals including Tyler McFly, Owner of Aftermath Event Productions, Joe Parisi AKA GOEY, otherwise known as Joey-P, along with Adam Lain, from Adam Lain Music and the Matt Schatza Trio, and Alexa Gerard, our Owner here at Turntable Talks and the brains behind LOCAL MOTIV3S, a recently introduced event series here in the Twin Cities!

Be sure to catch FVCK BUDDIES behind the decks at the Lab alongside a lineup of headlining, Minneapolis DJs and producers including RedShoes b2b with primal, Mr. Purple, Thred, GHOSTEATER, and Nicki Stebbs! In the meantime, check out our playlist featuring performing artists set to DJ at this weekend's birthday festivities! 🎶

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