Known for his discreet style of Trap, LooKas is a progressing artist in the EDM scene. In just two years, LooKas has gone from mixing in his home to producing for various record labels; he’s gained support from acclaimed artists such as Borgore, Diplo and Tiesto.

In 2013, LooKas released his remix of DVBBS and Borgeous’ track, ‘Tsunami’. This track’s release was groundbreaking for LooKas. ‘Tsunami’ featured LooKas’ distinctive sound of combining hard synths and his rattling bass drops. Hitting a half of a million views in less than 3 months, LooKas’ remix of ‘Tsunami’ was innovating for him.

. Born in Miami, LooKas’ passion for music stems from his roots. Growing up in an area influenced by different genres , his energy as a producer seemed more than promising. Since performing next to artists such as Ookay, Gents & Jawns, and Yellow Claw, LooKas continues to make show rosters nationwide. Now, LooKas has taken on his first headlining tour. He’s kicked off his tour in his hometown with a sold out show, and Ghastly and Carnage are to join him in Miami. It’s safe to say Trap music has been thriving. 

LooKas’ debut of his track, “Anger” was featured on BBC Radio 1’s Diplo and Friends Mix. Since than, LooKas had been gaining recognition around the EDM scene, striving towards the top. LooKas was recently sought out to be, “the next big sound” under Billboard’s Rising Artists Chart. Claimed as one of the top ten artists on the Rising Artists Chart, the bar is set high for LooKas. His Festival Trap-influenced sound can keep the EDM scene dancing throughout any show.

In the mean time, LooKas has released music under labels including Ultra Records and Borgore’s featured label, Buygore Records. His contemporary, electronic sound represents a fresh approach to the evolution of Trap music throughout the years. Recently, LooKas teamed up with Sage The Gemini and Flo Rida for, ‘GDFR’. The track earned its’ spot on Fast and Furious 7’s soundtrack, as well as quick popularity. With growing publicity and support, LooKas has a lot in store for his career.

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