Megan Hamilton & Will Robinson Rule Electronic Dance Music with the Release of "G.R.E.A.M."

Get out your edibles! We've got a hit you have to hear!

With a futuristic play on the Wu-Tang classic, “C.R.E.A.M.” (Cash Rules Everything Around Me), Megan Hamilton and Will Robinson have premiered one hell of a track to light up some devil’s lettuce and get down to on this annual holiday celebrating 4/20.

Collectively, Minneapolis natives, Megan Hamilton and Will Robinson have shaped a foundational style for electronic dance music to come while paying homage to OGs such as Wu-Tang. Together, Will and Megan’s flows vocally join forces, emphasizing a stylized sound of music throughout the overall production of their track, “G.R.E.A.M”. Where the intro of this track lays forth the debut of a steady, downtempo beat, providing the understructure for this crossover between subgenres including hip hop and electro-funk featured throughout this track. Megan’s Novel shift in sound is in no way similar to what you would usually find to be her electrifying, melodic vocals. With this in consideration, it’s made apparent Megan’s vision shines brightly, as she showcases her evolutionary skill sets as an unforeseen, yet predictably, ever so talented hip hop artist, both in production and as a lyricist together as one.

In promotion of her upcoming, live stream performance, Megan gave her fans a glance of her roots when she went to Facebook last Friday to say:

“It's really a reflection of my positive tip hip hop roots. I don't want to turn this into some stupid sappy DJ post that ends in "omggg come watch my stream I poured my whole heart into thissss" but if you're curious about what started me on this path; come hang out, roll up, and get down.”

Megan’s live stream performance this past weekend blazed a promotional firestorm, paving a path leading up to the upcoming release of “G.R.E.A.M.”, lighting up 4/20 in all the right ways. As Will captivates his passion for pot, while it’s clear his lyrics prove he is, in fact, “Yoda with the force”, Megan soon comes in with some elevating heat and bars like, “too thirsty like cactus, you sleep while we practice”. Together, Will and Megan have nothing less than a hot hit on their hands.

“G.R.E.A.M.” depicts a versatility of subgenres featured in this track, with peeks of house music and heavier hitting backbeats collaborating ingeniously in sync with Megan and Will's flow. As we toast to mother nature’s most favored plant and medicinal cure America has slowly but surely grown to value, be sure to hit up your buds and blaze one to "G.R.E.A.M." today. 🎶💚