Oliver Goldstein aka Oligee, and Vaughn Oliver more prominently known as U-Tern teamed up under the alias, Oliver. Always striving to keep the turn tables spinnin’, the duo has gained credit from many acclaimed DJ’s worldwide. They have brought a fresh, hip vibe to the House family with their electro/tech house rhythm that is shedding light on the modern indie dance scene. Oliver’s groovin’, melodic pulse brings life to their music. With Oligee on the keyboard and U-Tern on the decks, nothing but talent is to be expected.

Originating in Los Angeles, the duo’s talent was hard to surpass. Oligee has previously worked with some of the biggest pop artists in the world including Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Shakira. Whereas U-Tern had been working as a hip hop/electronic producer in Vancouver. Leaving comfortable territory, together they branched off, branding their genre of music as “nu-disco” that has since consisted of nothing but noteworthy and popular tracks.

In 2013, Oliver went on to tour with Zedd and Alex Metric for the Moment of Clarity World Tour. Following this ground breaking opportunity, they joined Dillon Francis in 2014 for the Mothership Tour. Together, Oliver has produced tracks alongside artists such as Chromeo, Foster the People, Dirty Talk, Destructo, and even the grandfather of techno, Juan Atkins. These headnodic collaborations will continue to leave fans satisfied.

As of right now, Oliver has been signed to A-Trak’s label, Fool’s Gold Records. In December of 2012, Oliver dropped their first EP with Fool’s Gold; featuring A-Trak himself. Their funkiest track, “Disco Nap” initiated a career changing success and within 3 years, Oliver had released four albums. Their most recent EP was released this past September called, “Light Years Away”. Needless to say, their soul filled tempo meets an electronic backbeat that is sure to ignite your inner dance moves.

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