Snowballing into 2020 with Snowta Fest

Ganja White Night Rings in the New Year with Snowta Fest

With 2019 in hindsight, the year is 2020 and Snowta Fest is two hours away from concurring their fourth annual New Year extravaganza. As glitter, balloons, and confetti fall from the ceiling, all the while contrasting ever so brilliantly against the illuminating lasers, a massive adrenaline rush of excitement amplified the acceleration in my heart rate as I raced up the stairs in time to get what shots of the mainstage I achieved.

The time is 12:02 AM and I’ve got, maybe, a solid three, out of every 10, or some photographs that were taken of this masterpiece of an event production emplaced as Ganja White Night rung in the New Year along with the thousands of fans populating the Armory, downtown Minneapolis. I wish I could say I wasn’t distracted photographing the basement before realizing midnight was less than five minutes away. Go figure.

Fascinatingly enough, what first comes to mind, and what I will never forget when I think about Zed’s Dead’s performance at Snowta, is when Ganja White Night obtained the crowd’s undying attention, as the venue began to blackout, and the colorful lasers faded to darkness. Ganja White Night transitioned from their usual upbeats wubs into close to... dare I say silence... However, before I could guarantee silence, I heard a whispering melody from one my most favorite tracks by Zeds Dead in which Ganja White Night remixed entitled, ‘This is Me’, begin to leave me entirely in awe, with goosebumps on my arms and butterflies in my stomach.

Ganja White Night dramatically transitioned into an experience of an introduction into their highly acclaimed remix of this ‘This is Me’ where, in complete darkness, you could hear the crowd talking amongst each other in questioning from the balcony as white beaming lights slowly began to rise from the stage, lighting up the pitch-black venue, as the track began to play out.

Storming into the New Year with Snowta Fest

As the snow and wind blew over the streets outside of the Armory, amongst the muffled bass and ever so often clamoring from opened doors, you could find the excitement was flowing as you watched festival attendees rushing to get inside the venue, making sure not to miss a single beat. The crowd consisted of a diversifying demographic of concert attendees. From college kids to grandparents, and of course, all of the kandi-kids mindfully maneuvering themselves throughout the venue to the rhythm of the music. From the fellow photographers to the local DJs in support of their fellow musicians, who have come together to accentuate the overall atmosphere and production of an event at this year’s annual New Year’s festivaL.

Throughout the renovated parking garage beyond the lasers lighting up over the stage located in the basement of the Armory, you could find A variety of vendors and artists from across the country populated the basement of the Armory at Snowta Fest this year, attracting the curiosity of concert attendees. Vendors such as Alchemic Art & Apparel and EntheosVibrations, both local Minneapolis vendors of custom-designed hat pins, tapestries, jewelry, and clothing including t-shirts, bandanas, pashmina scarves, and even socks, their products, and banners accented well with their surrounding atmosphere. Both booths and products displayed, depicted very well the fact EntheosVibrations and Alchemic Art & Apparel presents a well-tailored style of gear for our fellow festi-goers.

Overall, the venue and staff have always situated the order and flow for this two-night extravaganza of a New Year’s celebration accordingly. As the night progressed towards the headliners of both day one and day two of Snowta, every inch of the venue was moving to the rhythm, portraying a syncopated sea of music lovers.

DeadBeats & Bangerz

1788-L, DROELOE, DNMO, G Jones, and Zeds Dead were just a few of the many artists to take the mainstage, warming up the first night of Snowta with their fire sets. As anticipated, this headlining collective of killer artists signed to Zeds Dead’s label, DeadBeats, dominated the main stage and first night of Snowta Fest.

Amongst the other headlining artists of the first night of Snowta included the UK dubstep DJ and producer, Zomboy. With a hardcore approach to dubstep, the UK DJ handled and served the audience everything they could ask for and more. He even presented the "Wall of Death", an archaic version of the game, red rover, primarily showcased at metal shows. Despite Fans appearing to be puzzled and taken back by what was going on, concert attendees in the crowd made their ways to both sides of the venue, creating a line of space down the middle of the crowd, awaiting on Zomboy to count down from three before fans commenced forth, running at full speed from both sides of the venue towards their places in the middle or wherever they wound up, for that matter. Zomboy was a perfect appetizer for the main course to follow, the notably respected, underground dubstep producers, Zeds Dead, who have since grown into one of the most recognized electronic dance music duos.

Zeds Dead brought forth not only a well-orchestrated set to engage the crowd with, but an incredible track selection to open with. One of the first three tracks included their track ‘Rescue Me’ Ft. Dion Timmer and Delaney Jane, released back in May of 2019. From dropping their oldies to the goodies, oldies that also included an awe-striking rendition of ‘Lonely People’ by the Beatles towards the end of their set upon bringing it back to their Omar Lynx days mixed in between chart worthy tracks such as their track, ‘Blame’, it went without saying Zeds Dead showed up and showed out.

Show Up & Show Out: Snowta Fest 2020

Closing out the mainstage and day number two of Snowta Fest, Big Gigantic gave fans an expectedly, outstanding performance with their funk like electronic dance style of rhythm. Yet, another noteworthy performance of the evening included Cookie Monsta’s set within the parking garage of the Armory. Blowing up the basement with the bass levels of the speakers, Cookie Monsta fired up the crowd, having thrown down his hottest tracks leaving us with 10 minutes to spare until the New Year. Meanwhile, artists such as Big Wild, showcased his skills for fans on the mainstage with his live performance of tracks such as "6's to 9's", a more popular, upbeat track featured on his debut album, Superdream, released back in February of 2019.

Snowta NYE Fest has and continues to offer thousands of Midwestern music lovers with a lifetime of live music experiences valued by the thousands. Since obtaining the international attention of fans from all over the globe, the population of festival attendees portrayed the fact Snowta Fest has rightfully, maintained its' rapid growth rate as a music festival well. As a staple and proof of progression within our music community, Snowta NYE Fest has yet again, held up to their respected reputation as the elite electronic dance music festival and live music experience it is today.

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